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Leading the way for nursing informatics in Nova Scotia


To promote the awareness of, and support for, the advancement of nursing informatics education and practice in Nova Scotia


  • Be a nursing informatics resource
  • Promote informatics education for health care professionals
  • Create networking opportunities at provincial, national and international levels.


To promote the awareness of, and support for, the advancement of Nursing informatics as a specialty field within nursing practice that focuses on optimizing data and health information in all practice roles and settings, with the goal to improve health outcomes of populations, communities, families and individuals.

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Clinician Education Campaign

Advancing Clinical Practice – Knowing is Better The use of information and communication technology (ICT) in health care is gaining momentum. Health care professionals in many parts of the country...

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Frontline Informatics presents HITS

Frontline Informatics, the Canadian Nurses Association and COACH (Canada's Health Informatics Association) are pleased to present HITS (Health Informatics Training System). HITS is the premier training tool for healthcare professionals...

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