Nursing Informatics

What is Nursing Informatics?

Nursing Informatics is about how all nurses manage the information they collect so that it is meaningful and contributes to quality patient care. (NSNIG 1999)
1992 the American Nurses Association recognized Nursing Informatics as a specialty for registered nurses.

Why is Nursing Informatics important to nursing and health care?




The information managed and collected by nurses is nursing. The perspective, beliefs and values are nursing. Nursing Informatics ensures that nursing data, information and knowledge are represented. (ANA Expert Panel 2001) "The core product of nursing is patient care and nursing informatics, like the other practice areas of nursing research, education and administration, exists to support the highest possible quality of care." (

Goal of Nursing Informatics is to get the....

  checkbox RIGHT information to the
checkbox RIGHT people at the
checkbox RIGHT time to do the
checkbox RIGHT job at the
checkbox RIGHT cost

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Frontline Informatics presents HITS

Frontline Informatics, the Canadian Nurses Association and COACH (Canada's Health Informatics Association) are pleased to present HITS (Health Informatics Training System). HITS is the premier training tool for healthcare professionals...

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